Watching someone you love suffer from abuse is never easy. Getting out of an abusive relationship can be even harder.

“Lonely Broken Woman,” sung by Callie Buchanan, was inspired by a true story – the story of woman named Tina who, like so many others, found herself trapped in an abusive relationship and was never able to break free. A portion of the proceeds will go to the National Battered Womans Orginization to help Abused Woman and Children.

Tina’s story began in 1996, when she moved into her friend Diane’s house, along with her boyfriend and their newborn baby. It didn’t take long for Diane to suspect that something was wrong. She started noticing the bumps and bruises on Tina’s body, injuries that Tina brushed off as minor and refused to explain.

Progressively, Tina’s injuries became more severe. Diane was sure that Tina was being battered by her boyfriend, but she felt powerless to help her. Finally, Tina reached out to Diane for help, but the damage had already been done. Shortly after leaving her abusive boyfriend, Tina took her own life, leaving behind her beautiful baby girl.

Diane later learned that Tina had been stuck in a cycle of violence for most of her life, moving from one abusive relationship to another.

Too many women suffer the same fate.