Have you ever known a woman who settles for a man who only has to offer the back side of his hand. I have never known a woman till recently that was in this position, and her reason was that she was in love. I believe that she was in lust and that is why she stayed with him as long as she did because Love is not abusing some one. I am going to tell you the story of tina and this will show you why the song was written and came about. The song shows woman that there is a better way and they don’t have to live in a abusive relationship. Part of the proceeds from this song will go to the National Association for Abuse and Battered woman and part of the proceeds will go to the baby Girl who was left behind On the year of 1996 Diane was living with her boyfriend in a small one bed room house. He was working in construction and there was a young man who worked with him who had a girlfriend who’s name was Tina.

One afternoon they came to Dianes house and asked if they could stay with them for a short while, until they could afford their own place. Tina was only 17 or 18 and she had a baby who was not more then 2 weeks old. As Diane had explained her house was small only one bed room but they did have a camper so she told them they could stay in there and they could come into the house for their needs, cooking, bathing, and such. They both came into the house and watched TV with Diane and her boyfriend and that is when Diane noticed how Tina was very obedient to this boyfriend of hers and how she waited on him hand and foot and if she didn’t move fast enough for him he would yell at her. This is when Diane sensed that he was a abuser. Every morning Tina would come into the house and fix the baby a bottle and to give her a bath. The very first morning Diane noticed bruises on Tina and she asked Tina how she got the bruises and Tina would tell her that she tripped on the camper step. It became one excuse after another. It was not until one morning Tina came into the house with a stocking cap on and it was in the middle of July and very hot so Diane asked Tina why are you wearing that hat and Tina looked at Diane s and told her she was having a bad hair day.

Diane took the baby in her arms and Tina went into the bathroom which had a full length mirror on the wall so Diane was able to see her in the bathroom, Tina was standing in front of the sink looking at herself in the mirror then she took off the hat, Diane was shocked and beyond words as Tina had patches and bald spot on her head. This was the last starw for Diane and she called Tina out into the kitchen and asked her if her boyfriend was beating her. Tina stared to make something up and Diane interrupted her and said there are to many signs of abuse and after a lengthy talk with Tina she admitted to Diane how her boyfriend was abusing her. Now Diane knew she had to do something to help Tina so Diane and her stepsister Connie drummed up enough money to buy Tina a bus ticket back to Georgia to be with her family who was from Georgia before Tina left Connie and Diane gave her their phone numbers and told Tina to call them and let them know she got there alright and to just talk if she needed someone to talk to and the would be there for her.

Month a had went by and neither Diane nor Connie heard from Tina. Then around the year 2002 Diane received a call from Tina’s mother in Georgia, the first thing she said to Diane was thank you for watching out for Tina while she was in Michigan. her mother told Diane that she didn’t even know where Tina was at that time and that she had no Idea that Tina had a Child, But then she told Diane that Tina had passed away shortly after she had returned to Georgia and that Tina took her own life. She also told Diane that Tina had been in a few bad relationships where she was abused. It is a shame that a young woman must go through this and that we as people don’t try and do more to help stop this problem in this world we live it. I hope that the word of this song show the woman in this world that there is a better way and the they will be willing to share their stories with other woman in this world and maybe help save a few lives and show them there is a better way in life.